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Originally Posted by sakura-panda View Post
I got Green Pastures on Saturday, just like you promised, Susan! Thank you for the adorable paper and the the beautiful soap!

The snuggle is so pretty and I think I want to use one of the yarns that are still on the needles on Flower Path. Not sure though, because that means I won't need to buy any new yarn.

I don't think I'll get to working on it this week -- it's my last work week and my DS's scarf is nearly complete, except for the little bit of yarn in the bucket that I keep thinking I might as well use up. (Then I decide it's long enough after all, until I look at what's left to use up and figure I can do a few more rows -- it's a bit of a cycle. In the meantime, today is 40 plus degrees F and I don't feel bad about not having it ready for him.)

Here's what I think we have -- let me know if I'm missing any -- would love more volunteers and if you can't commit right now because of the holidays, we can hold them until you are ready.

Flower Path
4.glowyone (<-- Currently knitting!)

Cloud Nine (Cotton)
2.Shandeh (<-- Currently knitting!)

Jungle Fever
5.sgtpam (<-- Currently knitting!)

Green Pastures
2.susauehl (<-- Currently knitting!)

Starry Night
2.bugsyblacklab (<-- Currently knitting!)
3.calimama (after Christmas)

(There is also another snuggle called Patriotic Pets, but as far as I know that one hasn't left the original knitter.)

We are still looking for volunteers for the last four sections of Green Pastures and Starry Night. I can do a second section on Green Pastures if someone else wants to finish it.

I am new here and just found this yesterday. I would be happy to help with either Green Pastures or Starry Night. Which ever one is ready first. I am in Delaware if that makes a difference with shipping.
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