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Oooooh, terrific! I think I have a variegated/ombre yarn with red/orange yellow. I know I have purple and white yarns. That's definite.

Books. "While you're wishing, you may as well wish big." I heard that a lot when I was a kid, but whether it was my mom quoting her mom, or some other older relative (dad quoting his mom, maybe?), I can't remember ATM.

My "big wish"? My name will be drawn and I will win a book with the word "Sheep" in its title! (There are two such books.)

But just knowing that others are doing the same thing at the same time will be lots of fun! I've done Internet quilting parties before, but this is the first year I've known how to knit, so this will be my first Internet knitting party.

Thanks, Shandeh.

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