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Knitting sideways one piece
Hello again everyone.

I'm in need some advice on this jumper Im knitting, my first one.

Its a knit sideways, one piece, on circular and straight needles. Im going to link the pattern to save confusion because its a little unusal.

I start by knitting my 'left sleeve' on straight needles, once done I slip that sleeve onto my circular needles and get started on my main body on my straight needles (thats where Im up to, well I accidently started my left sleeve on my circulars, but I think the right side is facing me, which is required when slipping from straight to circular, so I should be right there, no biggy...I think).

Once the 'main body' is done it also gets transferred onto the circulars, then I get started on my 'main body left' on straights. All the while my first left sleeve is sitting happily waiting, next to my main body. In the pattern it doesnt mention whether to do anything with the remaining wool sitting on my left sleeve or main body, so essentially I'll be left with these pieces of knitted parts on my circulars with 3 balls of wool still attached, 1 ball per piece. Does this sound right?

Edit: Just noticed my right side isnt facing me with my sleeve on the circulars, the yarn is on the right hand needle when the RS is facing me, do I just transfer all the stitches to the left needle fix this, my brain just isnt computing right at the moment.
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