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Just TWO DAYS, we will have our online New Year's Eve Party!

One thing is for sure, I will be HAPPY to say goodbye to 2011. This has been a wicked year for me. Wicked as in BAD, not in good. But, I'm stoked for 2012. It's bound to be an improvement.

Last night, I bought a few treats at the grocery store, and I still need to buy a bottle of bubbly for my virtual toast with all of you to bring in the new year. I will have to stick with sparkling grape juice, because I have to play organ and piano at church the very next morning. Ha! Need to keep my wits about me....

Right now, I am trying to write up the pattern for our cute little knitting tools pocket. I had it all written up on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, but the file is too sophisticated for my old PC to understand. So, I'm typing it all over again, while occasionally touching the screen on my Tab to keep it awake.

Wish me luck!

Originally Posted by DogCatMom View Post
.....I've done Internet quilting parties before, but this is the first year I've known how to knit, so this will be my first Internet knitting party.
Cool! Welcome to a new experience.

Originally Posted by auburnchick View Post
I think I've been at every one of these shindigs!!
I think you have too!

Originally Posted by ssaintjean View Post

I'm very excited to join the party!!!!

Will be my first one =)

Can ya tell I'm excited?

Can't wait to see the pattern!

I'm glad you are excited. I am too!

Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
.........I'll be here with PJs on! I look forward to the party, I'll wear my favorite PJs and have my needles and yarn at the ready.
Wonderful! I'm sure I'll be in PJs too, and I'll be wearing my new handknit slippers as well!

Footississimo Posed by Shandeh, on Flickr

I made them with some INCREDIBLY THICK YARN called Red Heart Boutique Doodle. I had to use size 35 knitting needles, and a size S crochet hook, because the yarn was too thick for anything else. Here's the free pattern: Footississimo Slippers

Originally Posted by susianna View Post
Shandeh, Being a new knitter and new to this forum, I feel like family already, and I'm thrilled about this party! I love you for throwing us this celebration! I'll be in my yammies, in front of our electric fireplace, with eggnog and needles in hand! I am so excited!! I love, love, love you all to the point I have tears in my eyes. Can't wait!
Gosh, I know how you feel! I remember when I first joined this forum, several years ago. I felt like I had finally found a group of people that understood me....and they were so fun! I look back on those days, and can't believe that now I am a moderator for that same place. I feel honored to be here, and hope I can make you all feel welcome and loved.
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