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Originally Posted by colleen114 View Post
Thanks, everyone! I didn't think about patterns having to be reversed. She does a few things righty, like kicking or hitting a ball. I think she taught me to tie my shoe by sitting across from me, so I could teach her knitting the same way. I'll have to look into continental and see if I could show her that way and let her figure out what works better for her. It would be nice to have a hobby in common with her.
I am a lefty and I knit continental. I tried to learn english style for a few years and just couldn't get my hands to listen to my brain. Picked continental up right away. I think learning how to knit "left-handed" is just too much hassle. You have to use two hands no matter what so mindswell learn to do it "normal" so you don't have to fight with reversing patterns your whole knitting-life. You just need to guide her to finding the most comfortable way to hold and control the yarn.
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