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Pay close attention, kiddies!

I just heard some wonderful news from our Knitting Help founders, Sheldon & Amy Finlay:

They are giving away FOUR MORE PRIZES for our party!

PRIZES #1 and #2:
The App for iDevices!
Register for KH App on another page: HERE
Those who enter to win should already have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The app only works on the iDevices.
(Sorry - No android version)
Here's a link about the Knitting Help App:

PRIZES #3 and #4:
The Pick-A-Stitch CD-ROM!
This is a valuable digital stitch directory featuring 130 different stitch patterns! It works on both Macs and PCs.

These wonderful prizes will be given away at exactly midnight for each of the time zones in North America.

Midnight Eastern Standard Time - KH App
Midnight Central Time - KH App
Midnight Mountain Time - Pick A Stitch CD
Midnight Pacific Time - Pick A Stitch CD

Since the Knitting Help App requires that you already own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, let's make a special place for all of you to register to win that.

Click HERE to register for the Knitting Help App for iDevices

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