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Originally Posted by Shandeh View Post

Here's our next silly story:

Scene: A restaurant

Customer: Oh, waiter! Would you please bring me a (DAUGHTER)? I want to see what today’s specials are.

Waiter: Today’s specials are cream of (HOUSE) soup, and T-bone (NEEDLE). Does that sound good?

Customer: Yes, but I’ll have the roast prime (TUB) of beef, with the (KNITTING) pudding.

Waiter: We’re out of that. How about a sizzling sirloin (MARGARITA TREE) and an (EGREGIOUS) green salad?

Customer: No thanks. I’d rather have the (PUTATIVE) fried chicken.

Waiter: Sorry, but we’re out of that, too. How about soft-shell (ZEDONKS)?

Customer: No thanks. Do you have any roast Long Island (LAMP)?

Waiter: Sorry…no. Why don’t you try our (PRETTY HOT AND TEMPTING) goulash with homemade (GOOFY RAINBOW) sauce?

Customer: No thanks. Just bring me a/an (JUICY) egg sandwich and a cup of black (SEA WATER).

I think I may have been to that restaurant!

Way back when, I took DH out for one of his "big" birthdays to a steak house (unusual for us). I swear that DH's steak should have been served in a TUB! And that my PUTATIVE fried chicken was (truly...) something else. (And I don't mean that in a good way!)

I liked the EGREGIOUS green salad; I may have seen a few of those out here, with each and every restaurant trying to top the others with its "California" (ugh; please!) cuisine.

Great story, Shandeh! Maybe the homemade GOOFY RAINBOW sauce goes well over ice cream?

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