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Originally Posted by Chelsea716Knits View Post
I <3 the pull over!! So cute!
Are you talking about my first sweater? I love it too! I wear it more than all the other ones, and it has held up VERY well over the years. I made it with very cheap cotton, because I was afraid to use nice yarn for my first sweater. I was able to relax while working on it, because it wasn't a huge investment of money.

Originally Posted by debminerva View Post
I <3 the Leaf Pullover. Amazing color and really striking pattern. I am too scared to try to knit sweaters or clothing.
Don't be afraid! Just dive in, and give it a try. You can always come here on the forum, and get help when things are difficult.

Originally Posted by JVMu1999 View Post
Those sweaters are beautiful! I love the leaf one. I've made baby sweaters, but I haven't graduated to adult ones...yet.
Thanks! If you've made a baby sweater, you already know everything you need to knit an adult sweater.

It takes me FOREVER to knit sweaters for myself, because I'm plus-sized. But, I just stick with it, and keep going. Eventually, it comes to an end, and I'm so proud!
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