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Originally Posted by debminerva View Post
I saw this knitting t-shirt on a website and I'm going to buy it for myself. I swear, I'm always reminding my husband that in the event of a catastrophic event, I have a very valuable skill in that I can knit us something to keep us warm and/or covered....
We bought this house in July 1997. Both DH and I had full-time jobs. In March 1998, I lost my full-time job, not to have one again until September 1999. That teaching position went away in August 2003, and I have not had full-time work since. Even before the economic crash, it took two full-time incomes to maintain a house in the S.F. Bay Area.

We've hung on to our house. It hasn't been easy. DH's job has been a blessed constant, while I've stitched together some part-time jobs, but my skills at

--scratch cooking
--mending clothes and in general taking care of them
--grooming our own animals
--growing veggies (organic for cheap!)
--fiscal discipline when we didn't "need" it so that the bad times weren't quite as bad as they could have been (bad enough, certainly; I have several chronic health conditions and DH is Type 2 diabetic)
--making various items we and the dogs/cats have needed (e.g., dog sling, other dog orthopedic supports)
--designing things we need which DH can make with his Makita (potting table for garden)

have definitely helped.

I also can't praise Freecycle highly enough. For those not familiar with it and its contributions to low-cost living, take a look at and note that the original--and still overriding--objective was to keep useful items out of landfills. But Freecycle has grown to become a non-cash way of acquiring some of the essentials of life (e.g., baby clothes) for many people and, for others, of divesting some no-longer essentials of life.

May your 2012 be less stressful than 2011 was. My 2010 and 2011 are, thank the Powers, in the rearview mirror. A third such year in succession will probably qualify me for some kind of stress-related disorder.

At least I have a yarn and a fabric stash to work from, although the yarn stash isn't quite self-sufficient....

Thanks for the party, Shandeh! I looked at your stash on Ravelry and can't imagine how long it must have taken to inventory/photograph everything. Amazing job!

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