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Originally Posted by Chelsea716Knits View Post
Hi Momo!
I love this idea!!!! The only downside is... I live on the other side of the city from my local pet shelter. It is a hour drive from my house and I would have to have my mom drive me. :(
Here is a tip: Try to make squares and stitch them together (Like blue, pink, lime green, So bright colours). It looks cute, is comfy and pets love it! I'm going to make a blanket for my little dog, named Rico!

From my 12 year heart,

Hi all..and Happy New Year I have completed all my needle work commitments and ready to join in on the blankets...I visited our local APL ( within walking distance of me) and I was very surprised at how "chilly" it was in there..but let's face it, it's better there than 20 below zero...So here's my commitment, if anyone would like to send me there project, I will finish and hand deliver to Friendship APL, here in Elyria, Ohio..I did work on pet snuggles awhile back...So pm me I will forward my address on to you

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