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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I'm itching to try combined knitting and that uses the "backwards" purl. Somehow I have to get my tension more even and I hope that helps.
GG: Have you tried using bamboo needles? That has helped even out my tension considerably, and it's something I figured out by accident because in all the knitting advice I've seen for fixing tension problems, I never saw that as a possible solution. However, I do think the lady in PJs mentioned it in passing at one point.


Olha: I don't think your comment was off base. I think it was very astute of you to notice that, and besides, just about EVERYTHING we make as knitters is useful in some form or fashion, right? But I know what you mean. It seems this new batch of knitters on KH are diving into the more difficult (or at least the more time-intensive) projects! Hooray for them! The second project I worked on was a zip-front cardigan, and it was mainly because of this site that I was able to finish it. Because the newbies CAN get help here, I recommend that they dive in to a project--especially one they're in love with!!
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