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Wrap & Turn pattern question
Happy New Year to all!

I've decided to try and knit my first big peoples cardigan! LOL I've knitted for babies but never adults.

The problem is I've never done the technique Wrap and Turn. I've seen the videos and I think I have that down now. But what confuses me is the pattern.

I have 126 stitches on my needles so far.

Next step in pattern is short rows to raise up the back of the neck as follows:

P104, w&t
K82, w&t
P60, w&t
K38, w&t

So do I Purl the 104 wrap turn and then K 82? wrap turn Purl 60 wrap turn then K 38 wrap and turn?

OR do I Purl the 104 then w&t and purl to finish out the row then go to the next line and K82 etc?

I think I've confused myself LOL Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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