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Happy New Year everyone! Congratulations for retirements, weddings, new jobs, etc.

My current knitting project is a baby blanket for my friend's daughter. She was due Jan. 1, but decided to be born almost a month early. Her name is Lily. She's a sweetheart but she's been keeping her mom awake! Anyway, the blanket should be done soon.

I got a few KP Options Harmony needles for Christmas. They're much slicker than I expected, so while I'm still annoyed that they don't carry non-nickel metal needles, I'm pleased with the acquisition. They're making the baby blanket progress much more efficiently!

I'm still in the midst of the master's program, but I've been applying for summer jobs and I'm planning to take some time off when I finish and work a real job and make some money and decide if I'm really sure I want to do a doctoral degree at this point, and if so, what kind and where. At the moment I'm applying to the National Parks Service, US Forest Service, and I'll be applying to some zoos probably, too. I'm being directionless. It's annoying because directionless people don't make enough money to live on. I'm tired of that.

Gina, I'll add myself to the list of people wanting to know what size needles you are looking for. I have at least one or two circular needles I rarely use.
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