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Ok, due to family annoyances I have only just got back to this item and its just not coming together. Your advice made so much sense Salmonmac, I just cant work out where Im going wrong. You said, "The 3 pieces will be oriented so that you have the back, sleeve, and then front on the left hand needle of the circular".

Starting from the left needle, as in photo, I have main front, sleeve, main back, the back being next to the right hand needle, rs facing me. Thats what I've ended up with after doing what the pattern says.

I have attached a photo for clarity. I have all 3 pieces attached with rs facing, this is how it appears in the photo. After doing the sleeve I worked on the main body front and slipped it onto the left hand of circ needle. At this point I left the working yarn attached even though it was sitting along side the sleeve, I thought the working yarn should not be there but on at the top end of the left hand needle. Anyway I ignored a that problem thinking I would cross that bridge when I came to it and started on the main body back which when done I slipped onto the right circ needle. Again I have the same problem with the working yarn being in the middle along side the sleeve. Now anyone with common sense would say, you must have the ws facing you, but I dont, I have triple checked this, the knit side rs is facing me on all 3 pieces. I have been working the garment up to this point flat, Im assuming my next step is working in the round joining all these pieces. I have never worked in the round but if I am that would mean my working yarn needs to be on the right hand needle, is that correct? So my dilema is, how on earth do I get the working yarn where it needs to be, and does it need to be on the left or right at the moment its not on either. Is it as simple as doing the switcharoosy, with the main front and back, making them swap places, even though that seems to go against the pattern instructions? Im seriously confuzzled. The link to the pattern Im using is in my original post.

main front, sleeve, main back, rs facing by Mrs_Pilgrim, on Flickr
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