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Ok...Im pretty sure I understand, I can see the orientation more clearly now, I guess I'll get a better eye for those things as I practice more.

So if I do Sues way Im slipping over the front piece to the right needle. From there I pick up the working yarn on the right needle (see I've never done that, my working yarn is always on the left, but I guess because Im 'joining the pieces flat' the working thread is on the right temporarily, until joined). Then I proceed to follow the pattern like this. Skipping the Bold bit for now...(Im doing largest version) k60 sts of the sleeve, then k72 across the sts of front to last 4 sts, sl1, k3. Turn work, continue pattern in bold. Then continue on with the part of the pattern I've highlighted in blue. I wonder if this is too advanced for me....?

This is the original pattern.

On the circular needle, With RS
facing, K3, Sl1 and continue to
K across the 64[66:68:70:72]
sts of the Main Body Back


then across the 52[54:56:58:60]
sts of the sleeve, then across the
64[66:68:70:72] sts from the Main
Body Front to the last 4 sts, Sl1,

(180[186:192:198:204 sts).
Starting with a P row, work 11
rows of St St, keeping continuity of
the slip stitch on the K rows.
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