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Originally Posted by LoveBugAngel View Post
Anyone have a favourite yarn for certain projects?
I do have a few favorites. I like Knit Picks Wools for pretty much everything. Wool of the Andes Bulky for hats, love Knit Picks Felici superwash self striping sock yarn for socks. For socks I prefer superwash wool yarn only. But that's my opinion, your mileage may vary(YMMV).

I Love This Cotton! is a nice reasonably inexpensive worsted cotton from Hobby Lobby.

After so many years happily crocheting kids toys & afghans in Red Heart for durability, I find I loathe it for knitting - to me it feels like tire treads on my needles. Go figure... Again, YMMV.

Afraid I'd become a natural fiber snob , I was lucky enough to find an excellent acrylic baby yarn (almost sock weight) at my LYS called Babe. It knits up like a dream and from what I've seen it comes in a fairly extensive color palette.

My ultimate yarn is soft with a nice hand and tight twist...

Have fun learning what you like in yarn - there's so many new kinds of yarn come available just within the past good grief, 15 years? It's much like the search for the "perfect" knitting needles- there's something for everyone!

Before I forget: for those yarn pulls, I swear by a handheld garment shaver. Used with a light hand it zips those puppies right off of knitted garments and helps keep pulls from developing.


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