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Im still very new to this but I've learned a tiny bit in my small steps. I first started knitting when I stumbled across boucle wool at my MIL's garage sale, she and I werent talking much until very recently so I didnt ask her advice when I finally started using it. The lesson learned, dont use mohair boucle as a beginner. Its very loopy and can be awkward to knit with, catching on the needles, and its difficult to see mistakes because of its fuzziness. For my next project I got as suggested by the pattern and bought some 8ply wool, just a few balls on special, and knitted up a nice scarf which Im very happy with.

Then on impulse, clearly not learning from my aformentioned lesson, I went and bought some really soft looking wool on special and you guessed it, it was boucle again...argghh. Its just so pretty and soft and hard to resist ..... but ultimately a waste of money because I still havent knitted anything with it. It wasnt quite enough for a jumper and I couldnt find a blanket pattern I liked so its in my stash. For the jumper Im currently knitting I decided to go with the elcheapo $2 per ball polyester, mainly because if I need to rip or unknit I wont cry as I split and tangle the wool and damage it....I rip and unknit alot, also because I didnt know if I would like the end result. Its like a practice wool, if I like the end result it will be a gardening jumper and I'll invest in some nice wool for a nicer jumper. If I dont like the end result I can just rip back and try something new. I needed 8 balls of wool for this jumper and to me $5-$10 per ball of wool was just too big of an investment as a beginner.
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