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Thank you for your replies!

I am sooooo scared to ruin this pattern/diaper cover after putting 4 hours into it! So I appologize for all my questions.

So.. of course.. I still have questions, I guess what I am wondering is, when you look at the illustration on the first page it shows what appears to be rougly a 2 or so inch cuff and it seemed to me that a row of 32 stitches would be much larger than that? and I think it is asking me to pickup a row of 32 K1, P1 stitches and knit them starting at the (..) decrease and ending at the (...) increase? If that is the case how do you attach each row to the newly formed pickup stitches?... Is that right? Or do you pickup one stitch at the first (..) decrease row then stitch another on the second (..) decrease row and the third stitch on the third (..) decrease row? And if so, there is only 24 rows from start (..) decrease to (...) increase, so how would that be picking up 32 stitches?

Do my questions make sense?

i am so sorry if I am just making a fool of myself with my questions being wierd .... Just pretend like you are explaining it to someone who has NEVER knitted before, ever (even though I have )
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