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DH took down the internet -- we have been doing some remodeling in the basement, which required moving my computer desk, and I found out what he has been doing whenever we add a new device onto our network! (It wasn't pretty. ) I had him move the boxes to the unfinished side of the wall where he has better access to them and he has run into a snag that affects two of our computers, including the laptop in my bedroom where I store my photos. So, no internet access over the weekend. :( Hopefully he'll get that fixed over the next week and I'll put some new photos on the blog.

I did take Flower Path to the shelter this weekend -- it seems that Sunday is their busiest day! But I was able to talk to one of the workers. I remembered him from when we adopted our cats, and he remembered my kitties too! In fact, the grey kitty had been part of a pair named they named Thelma and Louise, but when we went to adopt, Louise was already taken -- he told me that he had been talking about the pair recently.

Anyway, he seemed to be both surprised and grateful when I pulled the blanket out for him. He took me to the clinical area where they have some kittens who were recently rescued and told me that was where he was going to put the blanket. (They separate new arrivals for a few days to give them a chance to get used to people and aclimated with their surroundings. It was certainly a lot quieter back there.) It was so nice of him to take that time (when they were so busy) to show me! I only wish I had taken my camera in with me; there were so many cars when we pulled in that I thought it wouldn't be worth dragging it along.
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