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Another sleepless night
Dear heavens my sleep schedule has changed to that of a newborn with their days and nights mixed up.

I've knitted through the BCS Championship more than enough to make my hands hurt- maybe I've strengthened my hands and wrists a bit. (wishful thinking there ).

I've cleaned my kitchen *and* my kitchen cabinets inside and out.

I've considered cleaning our bathroom, but that would wake up DH. Really bad idea.

I've entered every knitting book I own into my Ravelry library.

I've watched a video on how to work a new to me stitch for the vintage baby sweater I'm too tired to knit on, lest I mess it up. (at least something good other than a clean kitchen has come of this particular sleepless night)

No, no, no, I can't go to Knit Picks, eBay, or any of my favorite online yarn sites and browse. That way financial madness lies.

I did find a way cool slipper pattern on Ravelry to add to my ever-growing list of projects/patterns I'll likely never get around to knitting.

I know I'm tired when swapping places with Wile E. Coyote so the anvil drops on my head and I achieve blissful unconsciousness sounds like a remarkably good idea.

All, how do you get to sleep when you just CAN'T get to sleep?


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