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I understand your grief.
Most nights that I have trouble going to sleep, I usually drift off to sleep around 3am.
Some mornings it can be as late as 5pm.
I don't stay up late either.
I'm usually in the bed to sleep between 10-11pm.

On the worse nights I will finally get up and read for a couple of hours.
That is unless hubby rolls over and realizes I'm not in the bed. He then insist that I come back to bed.
He can't sleep without me in there with him.
I'm the opposite.
I sleep best alone.

I'd love to do the cleaning then, but it would wake him up.
So I'm stuck either laying there in the dark waiting for sleep or slipping off to read.
If I can remember where my glasses are.

In my case I believe it has a lot to do with post menauknowwhat than anything else.
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