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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post

Also, are you purling the first row after the cast on? Don't do that even if you use a long tail CO. Just work row 1 as a knit row.
I am actually following the pattern...I am doing a long tail CO with 19 sts, then, the pattern says to work K1, P1, K1, etc for the first row, and then P1, K1, P1 for the second. Then, repeat this 6 times for a total of 8 rows. But, this is the only part of my project that looks

The second half of the mitten, I did write the pattern part out like you have, that way, I was sure to do all 8 rows, and Purl each even row...2, 4, 6, 8. Also, not to be repetitive, I would agree with you about possibly skipping a row IF it only happened once or twice...but it's happening the entire pattern.

I am going to post a video of me completing the 8 rows and post it on youtube and leave a link here.

Thank you
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