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Thank You!
Thanks everyone for replying to this thread....
I always do top down sweaters for that very reason - they are much easier to try on when one is knitting them... and I'm guessing that I had forgotten that I could change it to fit me when I did try it on before I went any further.
I did try the pullover on and felt it was a little big but didn't worry about it, feeling that it would right itself when the whole thing was knit. It didn't... but that wasn't too bad as it was easy to fix.
With the cardigan... well, I actually think I should have knit the size lower and then added as I came to the main body of the sweater so it would fit my... er... 'full' figure. (I have to laugh here because I am anything but a full figure... I'm more of a thick stick figure... LOL!
I'm so glad you all mentioned that I could change the pattern to fit me needs, especially from the top down.
I've also discovered that the thickness of the yarn is a great factor in the drape of the sweater... hopefully, this lesson will stay with me in my next endeavour as well.
You ladies are the greatest!
Love you all.

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