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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Okay so you have some setup rows in seed or ribbing, that's fine. Then you knit row 1 for the RS row and it should proceed from there if you do every row, one right after the other. Only rows 3 and 7 have purl sts on the knit row and R 7 begins with a purl st, not a knit stitch - maybe that's where you're going off? Row 7 sts should be:

P1, K5, P1, K5, P1, K5, P1 - the K0 at the beg and end mean skip that and go to the p1 sts.
That is correct, I am going straight to the Purl1 since the smallest size (the one that I am doing) is K0 to start Row 7.

Thanks for the idea though
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