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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
So don't leave us all in suspense. What does it mean?
It's a phrase that describes me to a T!

That's not to say that suzeeq used it in reference to me. She didn't. Just don't want any misconstrued interpretations here.

So anyhow, I've stopped increasing for the front of the sweater and now it's just one row after another of stockinette for a while, I won't be such a PITA till I get to putting the sleeve stitches on holders. Unless I realize I really made a mess of the neckline and have to figure out how to correct it.

Not knowing how long it will end up being I decided to pick up and knit the front bands because then I should have a better idea of the spacing for the buttonholes. If I get tired of working on it maybe it will be a really, really short sweater.
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