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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
Gina - Congrats to your DS and his bride. Did your husband slip or did he subconsciously want some time off? What needles are you still missing, DPs or circular, length etc.?

As for me I retired on August 31, the Federal Government was paying people to leave and were giving about 10 days for people to make the decision. I made the decision in 10 minutes, most of the time waiting for the printer to print the fine print for reading. It took about 8 days to get the paper work completed and I haven't looked back since. Money is going to be tight but the relaxation is worth it.

I have started a number of knitting projects but have frogged most. Right now I am trying to learn to double knit Portuguese style.

I am also trying to improve my sewing skills. Being 6' 1" and 287 pounds it is hard to get clothes that fit. This is especially in kilt related clothes. I am trying to learn to make some of my own.

Tonight DSWMBO&A and I made a tailors dummy, at least while making it she kept saying "OK dummy move this way." Now I have to learn how to use it to modify patterns to fit me.

I hope you all have a good 2012.
Happy New Year to you all:

OK so here goes. I am nicely recovered from my cancer surgery, not even a huge scaqr to deal with. I am volunteering in two groups, teaching knitting. One group is for newcomers to Canada, teaching them knitting as well as English as a second language; the other is a group for mentally challenged people, or people with mental health issues. It keeps me busy and I am enjoying it.

However, I will have to take a break from my volunteering for a month or two. Hubby got diagnosed with prostate cancer and is having the operation on January 20th, which will hopefully remove all the cancer. Please pray for him and for us!

I am knitting an afghan right now, in strips 5" wide and 36" long (and am carting it around in a new knitting bag hubby got me for Valentines Day and let me have now because we won't be able to go out that day as it's too close after his surgery). When I am finished knitting them I will enlist the help of a friend and sew it all together, and then line the back with polar fleece. I also have a pair of socks OTN.

I wish each and every one of you a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!

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