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wool type recommendations...
I have been knitting socks the past year, toe up mostly. Started with acrylic yarn because it was cheap, and have moved to superwash wool and some pure wool. NOW the issue...
I need socks that wear hard, socks for the working farmer that is in and out of boots/shoes all day every day. We have our own wool now that we are starting to work with, from Charollais X *very nice crimp*, pure Romney, as well as our Llamas. Our goal is to blend wool with fiber, hoping for a tough blend. And in the spring will be adding some Blue Faced Leiscter sheep as well. Any particular blend that will be more durable for farmhouse socks? We are not worried about guard hair in our Llama fiber, as we hand shear and have very little of it, and usually can pull it all at shearing so our fiber is soft and fine...
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