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Originally Posted by vaknitter View Post
Jan - since the meat cooks in the cast-iron there really shouldn't be any live bacteria in the pan when the meat is removed. I never let my cast-iron sit - as soon as I pull food out of it I boil it out with about an inch of water, rinse, put it back on a hot burner and then rub with a little oil. I figure boiling the pan gets it hotter than any other form of cleaning. My hot water tank is set at about 130deg so whether I wash in the sink or the dishwasher it doesn't get boiling hot and neither my dishwasher soap or dish detergent at the sink are anti-bacterial. Or at least that's how I've justified it to myself all these years ...

Thank you. My cast iron skillets thank you. My cast iron griddle thanks you. I'm using the skillets more because they're less trouble to take care of than my easy to care for stainless! I love steak cooked in a cast iron skillet. Yum.
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