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Originally Posted by DogCatMom View Post
First, as a long-time crocheter, long-time wanted-to-be-knitter, and short-time knitter, I'd like to ask that you read this thread. My posts, particularly, discuss some reasons WHY people cannot/do not learn to knit.

Second, crochet received a LOT of publicity from Martha Stewart when she emerged from prison wearing a poncho she had crocheted herself while serving her sentence. I think that shows that she DOES crochet.

Whether or not everyone values crochet is up to them, but it's a valid method of self-expression. Crocheters are *fed up to here* with disrespect from some knitters, and it never seems to stop.
I started needlework as a "crocheter"..then ventured onto knitting...I enjoy the "finished" look of knit.but I also know(and appreciate) the time spent crocheting and I still do some pcs in crochet...I think it's just a matter of how much time,patience, and preferrence, and it's a "good thing" to know both crafts! I am not feeling the "bashing" thing here, I wasn't aware the there is such a thing between crafters BTW..Lily Chin, Vicki Howell and Debbie Stoller all have there own lines of Yarn

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