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Originally Posted by DogCatMom View Post
Second, crochet received a LOT of publicity from Martha Stewart when she emerged from prison wearing a poncho she had crocheted herself while serving her sentence. I think that shows that she DOES crochet.DCM
Actually, another inmate crocheted the poncho for Stewart, so she didn't actually crochet it herself:

At any rate, what difference does it make whether these people learn to knit or crochet? They use the yarn in different arts and crafts, which by the way, does not have to be either knit or crochet!!

And, yes, Vanna has been crocheting for years and years!!!

Guess I don't understand the complaint here. It's their business and their yarn, so let them do as they please with it and learn what they want to learn!!!

Remember about there not being any knitting police? Well, there's not any yarn police or crochet police either. So how about we live and let live, eh?
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