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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I'm trying to find a basic top-down sweater pattern to make up with worsted weight yarn. I've looked and looked, spent hours and hours. I find top-down patterns but most are cabled, lacy, or for lighter weight yarn...or all of the above. I'm hoping for no seams. Could someone please help me? If you know of a link to a free pattern, could help me refining my search, anything at all, I would appreciate it so much. I think I'll head over to ravelry again and see if I can find something I've overlooked before. I just looked at who knows how many links at knittingpatterncentral and about a zillion that I googled. OK, a zillion is a slight exageration.

I'm tempted to crochet it; that I can do w/o a pattern. I won't though, knitting just makes a nicer sweater.
The cardigan sweater I just posted on Whatcha Knitting is a simple top down from Pure and Simple. No seams at all!!!
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