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Ok, I think I figured out a good though way to make the socks, you just need some cheap acrylic or your fave strong acrylic and some SOFT wool.. ANY TYPE!
(this sock will be VERY warm :D)
1. Knit your sock in the size you like in wool.
2. Knit a larger sock in the stronger acrylic!
3. Sow the larger sock onto the wool - take the sock (wool) and put the acrylic over the wool sock - Then make sure its REALLY knitted together well, but still comfy!

4. If the acrylic wears out, you could take the arylic outer sock out and re-knit a new outer sock and attach it! This works great :D As long as the inside wool sock is good, this lasts a LONG time :3

Keep On Knitting!!!!
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