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Cable and moss stitch hat more decreasing questions
I understand that patt8 means 8 stitches in the established pattern but I don't understand how to continue. So in this example, the 1st row is:

(p1, k1) 3 times, p1, *k6, p2, k1, (p1, k1) 4 times, p1, repeat from * to last 13...

So the first row decrease is:

Patt4, work 2tog,*patt8, work 2tog, patt6, work 2tog, repeat from *...
work 5 rows straight

My question is how do I continue patt8?

Is it p1,k1, p1, k1,( which is patt4) p2 tog do I continue the pattern from where I was? So my next stitches to patt8 would be: k1, p1, k6?

And is continue straight mean I continue the pattern?

I hope this makes sense.
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