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Originally Posted by susauehl View Post
To Sakura-Panda
That works out just fine for me. Then I can start another if you like.

Awesome, Susan -- thanks!

(I thought I replied to this days ago -- I guess I forgot to actually submit it. )

I have been working on Blueberry Chocolate and that should be ready to go out soon. I've sent on Green Pastures and just received Starry Night (thanks for the goodies! )

Green Pastures
1. bugsyblacklab
2. susauehl
3. sakura-panda
4. calimama (<-- Currently knitting!)
5. cheley

Starry Night
1. susauehl
2. bugsyblacklab
3. calimama
4. sakura-panda (<-- Currently knitting!)
5. susauehl

Blueberry Chocolate
1. sakura-panda (<-- Currently knitting!)
2. bugsyblacklab
3. moonbunny
4. susauehl
5. calimama

Originally Posted by cheley View Post
Hi, needles are ready...Just send it on!!!! Do you like pics upon completion? Or when I donate to the shelter? Or both?

We love all pictures!

In fact, I have some in progress photos on my camera that I need to download and post.
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