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Originally Posted by LoveBugAngel View Post
So why doesn't it say how thick it is in the pattern? Seems kinda dumb!
Every pattern will tell you which yarn to use, and they will also list the gauge (stitches per inch) you should get with the yarn and the size needles they require.

Also, it helps to look at a photo of the finished product. You have to look closely at the stitches, to see what kind of yarn was used. You'll want to use a similar type of yarn as the designer used for their item.

If you want to substitute a different yarn, you should first look up all the information you can find about the yarn the designer listed on the pattern. It might say that it is "worsted" or "sportweight" or "bulky" or "super bulky". Usually, you can find the website for the brand name of that yarn, and you will see a webpage just for that specific yarn.

After knowing all you can about the required yarn, you should then try to find a suitable substitute. You'll want to look at the label on the yarn, to see the details of the type of yarn it is. Here is a website that will walk you through how to understand the information on the yarn label.

Before long, you'll be able to grab just the right yarn to make substitutes. It just takes a little time and experience. Don't give up!
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