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Originally Posted by LoveBugAngel View Post
Ps. The baby breath yarn that I was talking about earlier in this thread that I said I bought. I absolutely hate it. I can't knit cables with it, it gets all messed up. I'm actually considering donating it to my aunt who wants to learn to knit. I can do garter stitch with it fine, but it was not what I was looking to do with it. Unfortunately I bought 5 friken balls of it. Ugh
You might want to hold on to it, and use it for a different project later. Lots of knitters hold onto yarn, and save it for future use. (I'm one of them! My yarn stash is HUGE!!)

All yarns have their purpose. Some yarns are very thin, and are perfect for knitting or crocheting tiny baby designs....or doll clothes. Other yarns are very thick, and can be used to create finished projects very quickly.

You'll find fluffy yarns, which are fun to make scarves and blankets with. And you'll also see some very silky yarns, that are nice for making tops and shawls. Standard worsted weight yarn has it's purpose as well.

Within all the weight categories (fingering, light, dk, sportweight, worsted, aran, chunky, bulky, super bulky), you'll find several different types of yarn. You'll see about 20 different kinds of yarns that are worsted weight. Some are fluffy, some are smooth, some are silky, and some are rough. They each have their purpose, and you'll eventually learn which yarns work best with specific projects.

Hang in there. Getting to know different yarns is fun!
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