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Weaving in loose loose ends double
I am on my third ball of yarn for a baby blanklet, and before this I used to add a ball of yarn by tying a knot with both yarns and continuing so that I didn't have to weave anything in. With this blanket since it's going to be a gift I figured I better do it properly. So what I did was leave a pretty long tail for the old yarn and a pretty long tail for the new yarn, so I have 2 peices of yarn hanging rather than one. I did NOT tie them together but rather knit with the two peices for 3 stitches then dropped the old yarn and continued with the new. This still leaves me with 2 peices of yarn hanging from the sides. I made sure to do this at the start of a row so that they are hanging on the sides. I'm not sure if this is normal, but from the videos I have watched with ppl weaving in, I am only seeing 1 peice of yarn.

I am using this method to knit the blanket

so I have a little boarder, and its in garter stitch. I am not done the blanket yet, I have just started to decrease. What the heck am I going to do with these double peices of yarn?? The yarn I am using is also very frail, it's Bernat Baby's Breath.

Please help!

Edit: Pardon the title I made a mistake LOL
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