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Originally Posted by Olha View Post
I sort of hijacked Artlady's thread . . . . . .
I probably use knitting in public not only to fill the time but also as a bate for other knitters since I have no knitting friends... It hasn't worked yet but maybe if I sit outside in a high traffic area and smile to everyone, it will
Oh, I don't think you hijacked ArtLady's thread. It appears to be somewhat on topic even now (at least it's still discussing scrubbies), but you did get me to thinking about this and wondering! Always a good thing!

I hadn't thought about using public knitting as a lure (I'm a fisherwoman, so I should have)! It's a great idea--especially after my attempt to find fellow knitters at a craft competition didn't pan out (of course, if I had spent more than 15 minutes there, it might have helped . . . .).

Anywhoo . . . maybe people will do more than just ask you questions and stare. Maybe they'll want to learn to knit!
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