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Originally Posted by JLonier View Post
I never leave the house without some sort of project if I don't already have one in my car. I find most people pretend they don't even notice what I'm doing. The only direct comments I've ever gotten were from crochet-ers telling me how they wish they could knit. Which is funny because most knitters I know also crochet.

My worst experience happened when I forgot to lock my car when I was running errands. Someone stole my favorite knitting bag (had a picture of yarn balls on it and said "ball sack" on the side) and the project within. Dunno why anyone would want to steal an unfinished knitting project
Yeah, I have noticed that people pretend you're not there when you're knitting. They also kinda give you these sideways "what-the-heck-are-you-doing" looks, too! Like it's impolite to be curious or something. Very funny!

So sorry to hear about your stolen knitting! That's a bummer. Maybe the thief will finish your project and return it to you! Okay, maybe not!
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