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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
All needles have occasional problems. I have a few friends with the high end expensive Signature needles and those needles aren't perfect either. I think knitting is kind of hard on them..we jerk them through the knitting, bend them around tight curves, twist them constantly... it's no wonder things happen occasionally. Glad they are sending you a replacement. KP is good about that, too.
Are you implying that we abuse our toys...I mean tools? Yeah, I've been thinking that a thinner cord will be less likely to stress the connection. I'll see when I have the other needles to try out. I intend to put them to a strenuous test before buying a complete set. I considered various ways of lessening the stress at the connection to the tip in my right hand but haven't come up with anything that works well. With a thinner cord, I think that a loop method will work.

Every cloud has a silver lining? I decided to try some different stitch patterns making wash cloths or coasters. By the time I get back to the sweater I should be in a much better frame of mind.
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