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FO: My "Leaving" Pullover
Started this puppy away back in June 2011. It's not like me to procrastinate on finishing up a sweater for 8 months! Oy vey!

I did, however, have quite a few challenges with this sweater. The fit of the body, the fit of the sleeves. I reknit the sleeves once or twice. I added side seam gussets on the side seams to give my "waist" more room. Ahem.

She sat neatly folded for months, just waiting on the seaming and collar band. Shees.

My notes

I modified the pattern stitch on the sleeves. I like my sleeves much better than the original sweater, which are tracks that look like racing stripes up the side of the arm all the way to the shoulder seams.

BTW: colors in the "red" family are very difficult to photograph. My brother-in-law gave
me some tips, but I haven't tried them yet.

Here is the REAL COLOR of my yarn for this sweater! It is a deep fuschia!
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