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Originally Posted by Lighting57 View Post
This is very pretty.
Red is my favorite color, especially the deeper ones.
I love the way you did the sleeves.
It looks like the leaves of a tulip with a rose bud above.
THANKS! The rosebud was exactly what I was going for! In lieu of continuing up the sleeve with the "racing stripe" after the Leaves concluded, I closed off the ribbing (which would have been the racing stripes growing out of the center of the Leaves) in increments to create the rosebud!

I'm glad you noticed that!

I didn't go for the racing stripes (track of ribbing) going up to the top of my arms BECAUSE it stretched out on the upper arm and looked sucky, unless you have pencil arms like the designer. It looked great on her.

Looking at all the other Leaving projects (on larger girls with fuller upper arms) I could see how bad it looked.
These sleeves were designed for the woman who is the XS or S. I don't know why in the world the designer would offer this sweater in the larger sizes with such tight sleeves! Big girls aren't just a fuller chest size! We have larger upper arms as well.
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