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Linen Ridge Stitch Patt Still A Mystery! :)
Hey, All!
First, thanks to everyone for responding and the assistance...I really appreciate it.
Yes, I've considered/followed all of the suggestions mentioned here. One of the first things I did was to (painstakingly) follow the directions line-by-line, stitch by stitch, and still I was unable to produce a clear stitch pattern. The yarn I'm using is Malabrigo Worsted in the Damask Rose colorway, which is (@ least the dye lot I have) a very mild, subtle colorway, so there are no "issues" regarding the changes in tone overshadowing or hiding the stitch pattern. Not to mention others have used Malabrigo and/or more "aggressive" colorways, and still managed to obtain an obvious pattern.
Just to be clear, I don't mean to insinuate or outright say that the pattern itself is not achieved...(if I wasn't clear on this, and/or gave the wrong impression, my sincerest of apologies). The pattern is present (albeit, I have to "stretch" the section a smidge and look very closely). My issue is, the pattern doesn't "pop"...IOW, if I weren't already familiar with the stitch pattern, it would not be clear to me). My "criss-crosses" look as if they lie at the same level as the purl bumps as oppose to being on top of them, as they do in the work of other knitters. As a result, the diagonal lines are not evident, and the overall stitch patt just looks like rows and rows of purl stitches (I believe the terminology I used when I initially wrote to the designer was "Rev St St on steroids").
I'm not alone, for, as you all can personally see, there are a few "finished projects" (in RAVELRY) in which stitching looks very similar if not the same as the results I achieve...and therein lies my question. Why is the pattern so obvious for some knitters, and not for others (even when using like yarns)? For some, the diagonal lines and "criss-crosses" are unmistakeable, while for others (like moi), it's more of a "hmm..." moment. By the way, a special thanks to those of you who provided a link to the actual pattern/directions...I can't believe I forgot to do so - a "DUH!" moment on my part. Again, my apologies.
In her initial response to me, one thought the designer presented was that maybe it was the yarn...maybe the pattern is more condusive to some yarns than others. A reasonable suggestion, I thought, so I pulled out 2 other yarns and tried the pattern again...same result...nodefinitiveness.
I gave it another go last night, w/no change. I thought maybe when purling, my tension might be too tight. So I did yet another round (of directions...not just another round of stitching), staying mindful of my difference.
Regarding my knitting methods, they are the same as those shown in the Continental videos on this site. Consulting the videos on this site was also one of the first things I did to ensure I was knitting "correctly". I did learn to knit from a "Learn to Knit" kit, but the methods were the same as shown in the video. Of this I am certain.
I thought I purled English style the same as shown in the videos...but I could be wrong. It's not my usual way of stitching, so this most certainly could be due to why my stitches faced one way with one method, and the opposite way with the other. Regardless of whichever way the working stitches faced while on the needle, however, really didn't affect whether the Linen Ridge pattern stood out or it wasn't a possibility I gave extended consideration to.
As was suggested here, the designer also mentioned that it takes several rows for the pattern to be clear...but here's my thought on this advice. If others were able to achieve a definitive pattern in the number of rows dictated in the pattern, then I should be able to discern a pattern in the same number of rows.
I appreciate the suggestions that it could be the way I'm slipping my stitches, and whether I'm doing so with the yarn in the back or front...but I'm certain I'm following the correct methods here as well. I don't consider myself a newbie slipping stitches (purlwise or knitwise) is an easy is slipping them wyib or wyif.
I definitely checked the number of my stitches because it's something I do twice...once before the Lateral Braid, and once afterward, due to that last potentially troublesome stitch. I count to make sure I'm still at a 40-stitch count...which is the correct count according to pattern directions.
Again, a thank you to EVERYone for your offers of advice and help. I'm open to any and everything anyone has to say...yes, I've considered most, if not all of your suggestions, but if you can think of anything else, I'd love to hear it. Until then, I'll just keep at it...maybe I'll be able to figure it out if I do it often enough!
p.s. This is a great pattern...anyone is considering a fingerless or fingerTIPless gloves/mitts project, you should definitely give "Treads" a go!
God, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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