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Ah. Well. If *that* is the subject under discussion, ballet isn't so bad, either!

I watched football on Sundays from 1980 until maybe 1998 or 1999, when it became obvious that the 49ers weren't going to rise from the flames like a phoenix ever again. I came to this conclusion even before York (the Dork) fired Mariucci live on TV, stunning many who had believed that Mooch would be the one to take the Niners back to the playoffs. He did indeed come close.

Then came a sad sequence of low-budget coaches and players, thx to the tight-fisted and absolutely not-Bay-Area-based Yorks, who wormed their way into the team b/c Denise deBartolo York, married to York (a pathologist, BTW, and with the...ah...warm and winning personality you would expect from someone whose daily work was cutting up dead people and figuring out what they died from) is Eddie D's sister.

Their son, Jed York, became the "controlling partner" of the ownership group season before this one, and he's the one who brought Jim Harbaugh from Stanford U. to the Niners as head coach. Harbaugh, in his "rookie" season in the NFL, led the Niners to the NFC Championship game. Against the Giants, who are in today's Superbowl. So...not too shabby. Maybe Jed had a phone call or two with Uncle Eddie? God, we all hope so! But, at the same time, Jed and Mom and Dad plan to move the Niners OUT of San Francisco.... *sigh*

What have I done with my Sundays? Well, yard work when I could, quilting when I couldn't, and then, after I became involved in dog-breed rescue (won't say which one; it's not a very large rescue, though, even if the breed is), weekends were absolutely consumed with animal activities.

I had plans to sit down and WATCH the NFC Championship game two weeks ago, but an emergency dog rescue ate that day, together with a client job that kept growing while the deadline never moved. Dontcha love it? And you can't bill overtime??? ::upchuck emoticon needed here::

Anyway, I didn't get to watch one single minute of that game, but heard little bits of it in the car going to get the dog and coming home with the dog.

Today, I'm here at the computer, next to the dog's ex-pen, trying to house-train a fully-grown dog who's never been house-trained (!) and who may *also* be incontinent, and doing several loads of laundry, some due to changing the bed linens, some due to the dog having lost control during the night.

So, no; I'm not at all indifferent to the charms of televised football, but the past several years I've been unable to observe them first-hand.


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