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Having had the opportunity to watch part of the 4th quarter, the charms of some of the young, ah..."well-defined" athletes are still present, but severely marred (to my eyes) by the way overdone tattoos.

There's some vogue in tattoos, and I understand it. But to become The Illustrated Man (homage to Ray Bradbury for his original authorship) and then to see a platoon of them at every single sports event on TV--EXCEPT HOCKEY! HOORAY!--takes away a lot of the enjoyment. Bleah.

So it took the Superbowl XLVI Champions to beat the Niners, sad sacks of the West Coast for way too long until the First Coming of Coach of the Year Jim Harbaugh (or something like that).

Yes, yes; I know that Tom Brady graduated from Serramonte High School, just south of the city limits of San Francisco. Yes, I know that. But Joe Montana is THE man who got me watching football in the first place. I don't want anyone breaking his records....

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