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Because I'm attracted to color like a parrot is attracted to a mirror, I have bought many, many busy, overly excited colorways that I don't really like once they are knitted up.

The best way I have discovered to resolve the issue by what I call a "yarn marriage": knitting with 2 strands held together as though they are one. I use one plain yarn and my busy yarn. (in your case, a nice medium grey would calm down the rest of the colors and make it look more like a tweed with pretty flecks.) The plain yarn calms down the overly excited yarn!

Yes, this makes the twin yarn a larger weight. If you are using two fingering weight yarns, you'll get something very close to a worsted weight in the end. And yes, you'll have to find a different project to use your married yarns on, because now the gauge is off. But it spares the yarn from being scrapheaped and you'll likely wind up with a project you love and will enjoy wearing rather than one you won't give two hoots about in a month.
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