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Crochet Edging Question
Hi all,
I am knitting a shawl and it ends with crochet edging. I have never crocheted before. It seems pretty easy in that all I am doing is chaining. The last row before the edging was knitted. Then the pattern reads as follows:

*Insert crochet hook through the next 3 sts and sl off needle, yo and draw through all sts on hook, chain 7; rep from * across to last 3 sts, insert crochet hook through the last 3 sts and sl off needle, yo and draw through all sts on hook. Fasten off.

I figured out the first part up to the chain part. I have one stich on the crochet hook from the yarn over. When I looked on the Internet on how to do the chain stitch it showed how to begin chaining (kind of like casting on) and I didn't know where to look for chaining the next row. My question is: to chain 7 do I use the stitch already on the crochet hook and chain 7 brand new stitches with the loose (working) yarn, or do I slip the next seven stiches onto the crochet hook (one at a time) and use those to chain? i.e. slip the next knitted stich onto the crochet hook, chain, slip the next knitted stitch onto the crochet hook, chain for 7 times? Does anyone know of any good videos or picture sites to see how to crochet for beginners? My mind is in knitting mode.
Thanks for any help.
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