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Wow! Lots of Olha's old posts are getting new attention. It's gotta be because you do such great work, make such cute outfits, and have such adorable models!!!

High quality always gets noticed, but, of course, everything I've seen on this site has been high quality--even the beginner stuff, so it's interesting that your old posts are popping up so much. Must be folks looking for children's clothing, I guess!!!

At any rate, it's fun to revisit these projects! They're so trendy--and tiny!!

P.S. Just came back to edit this post because I realized I never commented on this adorable sweater (how could I have missed saying I LOVE IT?). You obviously did something right if it's now worn plumb out! Can't wait to see the next creations: (Dinosaurs chowing down on sheep--how cool is that???!!! Oh wait! You mean that's not what it's going to be?)
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