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Thank you all for sending those wonderful squares! I am now working on putting them together to create blankets. Some of the squares are needing a crochet border around them to make them all the same size, so that's my "beside the knitting chair" project for now.

Soon, I'll be laying them out on the floor in an arrangement I like, and taking photos before joining them together into blankets.

I will probably add a crochet border around the blankets when the seaming is complete.

Last week, I delivered six completed blankets I had been saving. They were very much appreciated!

Here are a few of them:

Lion Boucle Blanket (Used up 7 full skeins)

Blanket for Treehouse by Shandeh, on Flickr

Crayola Oddball Blanket (created by several knitters in Charlotte, NC) Of course, I finished that last section before delivering it...just never took a photo.

Crayola - Charlotte by Shandeh, on Flickr

Kaleidoscope Oddball Blanket (another one created by several Charlotte knitters) I had to add several sections to this one, before donating it.

Kaleidoscope - Charlotte by Shandeh, on Flickr

The other three blankets were not knitted by me, or by anyone I know. I found them by searching my local thrift store. They were knit or crocheted by hand, and were in brand new condition. I knew they would be perfect for the shelter. All they needed was a wash in my machine, just to make sure they were good and clean.
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