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How do you know what to charge?
Not sure what forum to put this in, Mods, please feel free to move it to where you see best fit.

I knitted a Valentines Day dishcloth yesterday, it's a seed stitch boarder then has a stockinette stitch bacground with a big heart in garter stitch in the center and then a heart in each corner in garter stitch. It's really pretty but took me about 4 hours if not longer to knit up (I kept making mistakes) It's a larger size dishcloth.

Anyway I posted a photo of it on my facebook and I am getting an overwhelming response of people wanting to buy some off of me. The thing is I have NO idea what to charge.
I paid 3 dollars for a very small ball of cotton yarn which let me knit ONE cloth with it and left me with a bit of leftover yarn (but not enough to make a second)

I mean it almost seems silly to ask for $3.00 for ONE dishcloth, but that only covers the cost of the yarn.

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